Jacinta McKenzie
Managing Director

I acknowledge and pay my respect to my elder’s past and present; I value my cultural heritage which defines me as a strong Aboriginal woman, and I am proud of my blood line connections as a descendent of Dieri/Adnyamathanha (mothers line) – Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara (fathers line); across APY and extending further west to other communities; 20 years’ significant experience working across many communities; primarily in the Aboriginal Health Sector and Department for Child Protection; I am determined and aspire flexible approaches having worked across the metropolitan Adelaide region, rural, regional SA & remote areas APY. I am inspired by Aboriginal culture and embraced many connections expanding across my family and many individual and community experiences shared from various community perspectives, over many years of my career (living and working in communities). I have influenced change in many forms from service delivery perspectives which is challenging but rewarding. I am defined by my strong connection to my identity and apply a genuine, realistic approach to everything I am involved in; this includes driving community values and respecting cultural protocols for self-determination. I strive in navigating systems to enhance culturally safe and practical solutions for quality health care for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and communities and will endeavour to explore new ways of working that are innovative, strength based and solution focused, aligning the cultural frameworks and principles for better future.

I am a Ngarrindjeri descendent with strong cultural connections across SA with Indigenous communities; 20 years’ significant experience in health service and project management in the Aboriginal Primary Health Care sector, working collaboratively across many government, non-government, and community sectors. As a leader my vision to inspire people, this is my strength, complimentary to my adaptable communication style. I align the principles for working with Indigenous communities and the principles for nursing from a clinical perspective, ensuring continuity of care, cultural safety and adhering to respectful frameworks and engagements; my core attributes of responsive care define holistic health from an Indigenous perspective utilising a relational approach that affiliates my capabilities as identified below. I am motivated by building capacity, good governance, and structure. In the venture of future endeavours innovating new approaches will be a key factor to continue to support improving the social determinants of health & wellbeing for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in communities. I see strength in empowerment and my leadership capabilities and professional approaches guide good practice in service provision focussed on high quality; comprehensive health care that defines equality and contributing to closing the gap.

Damian Rigney
Operations Director

Our logo is our representation of our story and is symbolic for our Community

Our mother earth gives us all life, nurtures our body within our skin and protects us as we grow, from the deep seed in the earth to a branch of life, she moulds our growth to stay strong throughout our life journey, and at times a leaf may fall; our fathers represent the wings of an eagle, the inner strength identical to the line of the feathers; united in their bloodline is the backbone of our strength and our life, we all have our own paths, and our depth of culture and knowledge is our way of life, that is entrenched beyond the land, the whispers of the wind creates a misty ripple for our spiritual connection and swirls deep within our soul, from the lakes and water holes to the land across sea; aligning a creation of life which stems from our ancestors keeping us connected to our identity and warrior of hope. We all survive in different ways and our resilience keeps us grounded to country, so as we leave our footprints on sacred land, our spirit protects us holistically, to keep us standing and to keep us deep in strength; heart, mind, and spirit forever in our life journeys from the footprints in the sand to the dust we leave behind.

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